Tombstone Shadow

Markers in the conscious and subconscious
Glossy and smooth
Rough angles, rough and awkward
Lead gray
Anthracite black
Sunset red
Mossy green pathogen spreading on marble white
Speckled with brown
Eroded by acid rain
Arranged in order until your minds eye rotates left or right
Still there
Heavy granite
Cold marble
Memories weigh on the mind like the tombstone granite
Heavy and suffocating
Obelisk monuments cast a prismatic laser cutting shadow down onto the earth
Try to move from the shadow thought but it tracks and follows me
only disappearing with the twilight rays of dawn reappearing in the inky blackness of sleep creeping back up from the grave dirt into the wide open memory sky
Headstones topple down, breakdown, collapse by the vandal's hand, eroded by the acidic rain, the rubbing of the wind, sonic sun rays gripped by the ancient soil
Alas my memories are marked by the tombstones and rekindled by the tombstone laser shadow creeping in and out around the granite and marble willing to show me a not so distant past


  1. Is the lettering on the derby cover new?

  2. JT-No. I took that picture last April and painted over it shortly afterwards.