Wyoming Wandering

It is 'that' time of year...the time when my mind starts to wonder about wandering. Without a doubt I am afflicted by wanderlust. It don't help that I have been reading about Everett Reuss and that the Official 2012 Wyoming Visitors Guide was in the mailbox. As it stands right now, my older brother and I will be lighten' up for the Wyoming Territories this coming July. This will be a special trip for several reasons: 1) we were supposed to take this trip last year but his wife died...2) we won't be camping cause he broke his back so, his back really does need a bed...3) this will probably be the last of my eleven day epic trips for a few years-that however just means five or seven day roadtrips to the south or north...Florida, Maine? Who knows... 


  1. You can do a lot in 5 or 7 days...and Florida and Maine are both pretty awesome. If you get close, look me up.

  2. JBMFT-Yes, sometimes hard to choose! I rode through Alabama 4 times on I59, spent the night in Trussville and ate at a Pizza Hut in Birmingham.