Three Rivers

Crossing the Ohio River from West Virginia on US 30-I don't like crossing bridges but this spot has a lot of neat angles going on. The bridge itself is somewhat split-level and bends at a 90 degree angle over on the Ohio side providing you with a scenic view of West Virginia. Not a bad one handed shot!
Here we are approaching the Mississippi River on US Route 52 outside of Debuque, Iowa-got to see it twice due to a 'navigational error' on my part! Hehehe
This picture has been posted before but not with a lot of information as to what exactly you are seeing. First off, we are on the famous Pennsylvania Turnpike. We are crossing the Susquehanna River; the Susquehanna River cools off the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant; look over to the right of the picture and you will see two white plumes of steam flowing out of the cooling towers of TMI. Over to the left you can make out a sliver of concrete on the shoreline, that is MDT, aka Harrisburg International Airport. Landing there and taking off from there is rather 'fun' due to the proximity of the river...

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