Outlaw Run 2011: Final Words

Outlaw Run 2011 was about riding-PERIOD! No real agenda other than to get to Wyoming via North Dakota-for real! Wyatt and I were not trying to set any records or prove anything!  As much as I enjoy riding solo, I enjoy riding with Wyatt more! Take the time to spend it with those important people in your life-don't waste an opportunity to take a trip-grab it while you can!
To all who have taken the time to read my seemingly never ending account,


  1. Always dig reading about other people's road trips. I am, however, not great about chronicling my own in detail. This is something I will have to remedy before I head out again.

  2. I keep a loose journal when I'm out and about and take a lot of pictures-this helps me when I go back to write. It can be a little tedious on the road, especially if it was a long day in the saddle! Hopefully I'll be able to pass my adventures onto my daughter in some written form!