Outlaw Run 2011: North Sioux City, SD to Warsaw, IN

Well, here we are day two of our three day trip home. The morning sunshine was trying to punch through the heavy humid morning but never did...North Sioux City, South Dakota was just a pewter gray summer morning-not a very inspiring way to start out on the road but at least it wasn't raining...yet. The early dawn hour had all the peace that a typical summer Sunday morning should have but a sense of foreboding started to cling to me like the oppressive humidity.
Today would be another simple route using the rest of US 20 until we hit metro Waterloo where we would slide southeast on I380 til we hit US 30 around Cedar Rapids. US 30 would transport us east in to the Land of Lincoln, via the Lincoln Highway, and then we would circumvent the Windy City on US 52, later rejoining '30 over by Chicago Heights. We basically would be back-tracking the way we came.
Wyatt and I navigated our way around the flood stricken areas of Sioux City, Iowa and soon found ourselves traveling east on US 20. The clouds out in the east grew darker gray and the wind seemed to pick up. Pretty soon the clouds were black with anger and not too much longer they poured out their liquid wrath on  us. I tried hard to gut it out and ride on but the wind got cold and the rain poured harder-time to put the rain suit on! We rode the storm and caught a break around Sac City. I figured we earned our breakfast stop so we stopped at some local joint-soaked the floors with the Sunday morning rain and had breakfast. By the time we were done eating the skies were looking a little nicer but we decided to keep the rain gear on. This part of Iowa was pretty flat, no frills. After awhile I noticed that Wyatt was nowhere to be seen-fighting panic I tried to cross a median only to end up mud wrestling with my top heavy, overloaded freedom machine! Some friendly passer bys stopped to help me right my steed and in the process my apehangers got tweaked! Dang it! About the time I got my self readjusted Wyatt rolled by and stopped...he had had an emergency but I did not see his signal! So, the two lessons here are: #1 Don't overload your machine; keep the load low and centered #2 Pay attention so that one does not miss an important signal! We quickly recovered and continued on our way to Indiana. The rain clouds went away and the sunshine reappeared. Our ride was highlighted by a gas stop in Illinois where a farmer bought his fully restored 1951 Farmall in for gas! It looked as though it just rolled off the assembly line!Wyatt and I rolled on out of the country and into suburbia and eventually into Warsaw-what a day!


  1. Photos of the mud-covered bike made me chuckle until I read what happened. Bummer about the the damage...but sometimes misfortune makes for good stories.

  2. JBMFT:It makes me laugh even more so because this was the second time on a bike trip with my brother that invovled an 'incident' that ended up with the bike having bent bars, as a matter of fact, the bars in the picture were a replacement for the ones that got 'totaled' when I was up at his place in '09...I'm still finding Iowa mud to this day LOL