Outlaw Run 2011: Rest of the Story

Yeah they are just above my shoulder a little bit LOL!

And there was that awkward silence and delay while I sat on my bike and waited to see what side the Trooper would approach from. I tried very hard to be 'cool' and 'mellow' while waiting; hoping I was throwing off some 'good vibes'...I was also very careful not make any 'sudden' movements. Was that a dog barking in the Wyoming Highway Patrol SUV? Oh, dude! Cujo with a badge? I had all of these thoughts and more in about 5 seconds. Eventually the Trooper came up to me and kindly explained to me that my handlebars were to high here in Wyoming and wanted to know what I was going to do because they are illegal (like they are some kind of illegal drug or something)...I wanted to desperately explain to him that my 18" plus apehangers we okay in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania because we have no 'apehanger law' but I felt as though I was at the fine line in the universe where one ought to keep ones piehole shut...I need to see your license, insurance and registration. I carefully retrieved my documents (sounds like something a border guard would have said in ole East Germany) hoping that my black trucker wallet with silver snaps would not be mistaken for a .50 cal Desert Eagle. "Okay I'll be with you in a minute." A few minutes later the trooper returns and tells me that everything is good and by the way here is a written warning. The trooper relaxed and commenced to asking about where we're headed I explained to him Sheridan and then pointed over to the Sheridan County Museum which was only about 50 yards away! We literally were at our destination when we got stopped! LOL The trooper gave us some good recommendations for eats. We shook hands said our good byes and parted ways. His big ole SUV drove past us and Wyatt and I literally went around the corner and into the parking lot of the Sheridan County Museum.
Right after being pulled over...we could see the building from where we were stopped.
I know Wyatt got a chuckle out of this as he has been through the apehanger drill many times with me! Thanks to the trooper for not busting my chops and making life hard for me!


  1. It's nice when you get a warning, especially knowing how some cops can be. I've had similar experiences...


  2. haha, nice. i was once pulled over and i knew i was going to fast. i was polite and calm just like you. the cop said, "i have an unusual question for you. what year is that bike?" i told him it was a 75 and then after listening to his stories of his old bikes and how his wife won't let him have one, he let me go without even looking at my license. about a mile away, my cousin who was with me on his fxr looked over and said, "what the eff was THAT all about?!"

  3. Pretty amazing on both of your accounts!