Outlaw Run 2011: Other World

Little Bighorn

Battlefield at Little Bighorn

A dusty bike will reveal oil 'leaks'

Packing the souviners

Best tourist trap ever!
Lodge Grass Montana
Fuel stop in Lodge Grass

I want the record to reflect that my brother Wyatt is the man! Why he would be game to following me down an unknown rock/dirt road on a fully loaded freedom machine that has a sweet paint job is beyond me but as usual he was right there with me on the mystery road! The mystery road as you may recall from my last installment was highway 332. That road ended on a good solid note just outside of the Northern Cheyenne Nation in Ashland, We even saw some Amish along the way...go figure! Wyatt and I jumped on the Warrior Highway, US 212, and lit the wick for the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The Warrior Highway is a really nice two lane highway that includes some nice curves the flow through the scenic Montana Plains. I called for a snack stop in Lame Deer. Turning left we navigated around res' dogs and potholes before finding a local gas station to stop at. The gas station was quite busy; Wyatt and I certainly stuck-out as being not-from-around-here but that did not stop the roaming dogs from begging for a piece of my cinnamon roll!  Once we were done consuming our breakfast of champions we carefully navigated out way back out onto the Warrior Highway. Our brief stop on the res' stuck with me like a metal particle stuck on a magnet. I am fascinated by the various Indian tribes, especially the Lakota, Crow, Cheyenne and Apache. It is hard to transfer my brain thoughts onto 'printed' form but my heart goes out to them-I think if our culture knew more about their culture it would be good...but to see the conditions of some of the reservations, especially Pine Ridge it just blows my mind....
So, Wyatt and I are on the scenic Warrior Highway-groovin' on the smooth surface, green, yellow buttes and plains blue and white skies bright eastern morning sun warming our backs yeah what a great morning! I make a sharp left off of the Warrior Highway on to the road that leads us to the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument. I fumble around with my pesos and we receive an official NPS map and receipt. This is Wyatt's first visit and my second. When you visit the battlefield take the $10 tour that is conducted by local Crow college kids. We loaded up into a small shuttle bus and began our tour. There is a road that is on top of the ridge; the tour guide explains what happen to the 7th Cav on that fateful day in 1876. The tour made a couple of stops along the way where we off loaded and received further information at that specific location. The tour last around an hour and is a must do! I tend to become very quit almost withdrawn when I visit hallowed ground like Little Bighorn...Wyatt took a bunch of pictures while I was lost in my thoughts...soon we were done and it was just about lunch time! Feeling adventurous I suggested that we give the Custer Battlefield Trading Post and Cafe a chance. The trading post is across the highway from the battlefield so it was just a matter of rolling down the hill and across US 212. Walking in we found the cafe to the left and the trading post to the right; initially I misjudged the size of the trading post-yeah, I don't quite fire on all cylinders when I'm hungry LOL! The chow was really good and the service was excellent! I always fear going into places like this but I was not disappointed or sad! Do yourselves a favor and get frybread...after sucking down our vittles we crossed over into the trading post; my mind went almost immediately into vaporlock-the place was long and wide with every conceivable cool souvenir artifact knickknack-it was ALL there! I think we spent about two-three hours trying to find the best gifts for family and for ourselves...I must have spent a good half hour trying to pick a t-shirt from one of the 50 designs-no exaggeration!Here is a link to their website:
All right, I finally got my act together and now all I had to do was pack the goodies away somewhere on my bike, LOL! We happened to pass some Italian HOG members on the way out, didn't get to chat but I gave then an 'Official Harley-Davidson' nod! LOL
Wyatt and I had about an hour ride south on the super-slab to Sheridan, Wyoming. We opted for the super-slab for the sake of time. Actually, I just wanted to make sure that we got to the Sheridan County Museum before it closed!
We made a stop at a gas station in Lodge Grass. The building looked closed due to the bars over the windows and the absence of windows. The parking lot was like a foot deep of loose gravel but we were old pros by now! HAHA Lodge Grass is a small town in the Crow Indian Reservation. We carefully sloshed our way out of the gravel sea back onto the terra firma and off to Sheridan. Now, for all of my whining about the super-slab Interstate 90 is not all that bad in this neck of the woods. Very scenic, low traffic and plenty of room. Wyatt and I made good time without having to ride like wild men so when I saw the red and blue lights of the Wyoming Highway Patrol I thought, 'must be after someone else' I started to move over to the right to let him pass but for some reason his speed matched my speed, hey wait a minute we didn't do anything, right? That sick feeling started to fill up my stomach as he walked up to me...

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