Shoe House Sunday

Following Sunday dinner I fought off the urge to stay at home; with the increasing threat of rain I decided that today would be the day when I actually visit the 'famous' Haines Shoe House. I have seen the Shoe House many times from a distance as I roared by on the Lincoln Highway on my way to or on my way back from various jaunts. But, I never have seen it in person! I have seen it on the television and yet it is not that far from the ranch. Dog gone it, I'm going even if I do get rained upon-at least it will not be snow! As a bit os 'insurance' I donned my well worn and traveled Fox Creek leather riding pants-not chaps. In the true spirit of the tramp I did not use Google or any other 'electronic-don't-think-for-youself' gezmachacci before setting out I just loaded up with my asphalt beaten Canon Power Shot A720 and my warm gloves. I lit the wick and rode out into the humid, overcast Sunday afternoon. West bound on Route 772 onto East bound 283 over onto Prospect Road up and over to US 30. The Susquehanna was a bit low and the west shore was shrouded in a thick layer of blue-white woodsmoke...I eased off of '30 and onto the Wrightsville exit in York County; looping around I turned west onto Route 462. I was dead reckoning and banking on finding the Shoe House by finding one of two points: 1) seeing it from '462 or 2) a road with the name Haines or Shoe House. So I sauntered down the west bound lane of '462 past the brave souls consuming ice cream in 60 degree weather at Mack's Miniature Golf Course. I turned right onto a road hoping that it would be the one only to discover that it was not. Back out to '462 and into Hallam...no Shoe House-okay lets go back onto '30 and see if I can determine if I went to far or not far enough...Back out on to '30 and yep, did not go far enough; back to '462 I went. Past Mack's I went, past the same people raking leaves in Hallam, okay only 5 miles to York, hope I find it, oh wait there is Shoe House Road! Sweet! Hang a right onto Shoe House Road past the Shoe House Storage units.  A couple tight turns later and there It is! Hey, why is it posted with black and safety-orange Private Property signs? Oh well! I'll just use the ole Zoom and Landscape mode...So, there it is! I did not see the Little Old Lady or her starving kids but I did spy a Enduro rider pulling a righteous wheelie on '30, oh my goodness! Someone call the cops! LOL

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