Outlaw Run 2011: Miles City,MT-Sheridan,WY aka Rocky Road

.After enjoying two days in Miles City it was time to load up and move on down the line to Sheridan, Wyoming.
Now, we wanted to stop by the Little Bighorn Battlefield to pay our respects to both parties on our way down to Sheridan and since the battlefield was on the way it was just a matter of deciding which way. Months earlier while studying six different maps of Montana I decided that Highway 332 would be the ticket. 332 follows the Tongue River  from Miles City to Decker which is almost on the Wyoming/Montana stateliine; the beauty of 332 was two fold: 1) Off thee beaten path and 2) A direct route to US 212. Now when you look at 6 different maps you seem to get 6 different map legends that really do not tell you what kind of road 332 is. Some indicated dirt while others said 'unimproved road' well this was not good enough for me so I called the Miles City Visitors Center and asked 'them' (actually Ms. Terry) what the deal is concerning 332. Well Ms. Terry was very helpful and told me that 332 was 'hard-packed' and should not be 'a problem for motorcycles'...okay Ms. Terry has traveled that route many times so it should be fine, right?
Well for the first 5 to 10 miles it was your standard bituminous macadam road until it quickly deteriorated in to a slushy gravel road-I mean it was like riding in snow! So, our speed was greatly reduced to 30 40 miles per hour as we navigated our way through the sea of flowing gravel and just as a nice touch there was a truck behind Wyatt that was in a rush and made it a point to let us know as he roared past us in a cloud of dust and stone-hey you can only go so fast when you are loaded down to the max on a two-wheeled freedom machine! Eventually the sea of stone became the hard-packed road that Ms. Terry had spoken of! Thank God!How nice! Now we could mellow out and enjoy the next 30 miles but look out for those cattle blocking the road or the deer running next to us in the field! It was a very scenic ride and enjoyable-blue sky's, green fields and rolling hills! We finally made it down to Ashland where we turned west onto US 212 and what an easy ride it was to the battlefield. So, you standard FXST and FLH are by no means 'All-Terrain-Vehicles' but they can hold their own as long as the riders are not scairdy-cats!

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