Breaker, breaker...

I70, westbound Ohio.

US14 or US16, Greybull, WY

Miles City Montana

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Valentine, Nebraska
While heading up to the New England states earlier this month a scene that I have seen many times clicked with me. I was probably around five in the morning, still dark out and about an hour into our trip when I noticed the stream of tractor-trailers in the opposite lane. I have seen tractor-trailers at this time of morning many, many times before but something in my head went "Ah, ha!" Those tractor-trailers with all of their lights, 80 feet long, and so many looked like a stream of tracers being spewed forth by a machinegun! There were so many trucks that it almost looked as though they were one continuous train...the other "Ah, ha" thought was this: I to would drive over-night so as to avoid all the crazy passenger cars...

American Trucker:

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