Outlaw Run 2011: Trappers Kettle, Belfield,ND

Belfield, North Dakota.

This is what Plan B looked like.

Inside the Trappers Kettle.

Wyatt and I continued on our alternate route on US Highway 85 until we reached the bustling town of Belfield. We found the Trappers Kettle right at the crossroads of Interstate 94 and US Highway 85. There is a lot of truck traffic due to the oil industry as well as tourist traffic. By now we were very ready for breakfast! The interior of the Trappers Kettle was hugh with a giant gift shop and an expansive dinning area. The ceiling had gigantic wooden beams. Our waitress was all business and seemed to be in a rush to get us in and out-not sure why as there was no line of people waiting...I suspect that maybe she was just a Type A personality that had drank a lot of coffee, by the way, I am a 'reformed' Type A that does drink A LOT of coffee-LOL! Wyatt and I took our sweet time and enjoyed our breakfast!

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