Outlaw Run 2011: Day 3, pt.2, SD-ND

Crossing the  river. Mobridge, South Dakota

Wyatt and I feasted Good and Plentys and some other chocolate candy while we waited for the storm in Ortonville to play out. After the storm we topped off our fuel tanks and rolled out on to the silvery wet black top that is U.S. Highway 12. The storm seemingly cooled off the early afternoon but that quickly changed as we crossed the Minnesota/South Dakota state line. The sky above remained gray and the humidity returned, "just great!" I mumbled to myself, "another long, drawn out humid day!" Thankfully the sun burned off the overcast sky and the humidity seemed to submit as well-but the heat remained! US 12 is a major highway that starts around Minneapolis and ends at Elma, Washington. US 12 was taking us to Bowman, North Dakota and over to Miles City, Montana. Somewhere around Wauby, South Dakota and Webster, we started to see huge amounts of flooding; it seemed as though the water had rebelled and was trying to cover the highway! At one point the water succeeded. A man made dike had to be made that included a traffic signal to allow traffic to flow one direction at a time! It was unreal! A major highway, crippled! The man made dike was just barely wide enough to allow a standard 18 wheeler across! Wyatt and I carefully crossed along with the SUV in front of us-the major for error was very slim! We crossed w/ out any problems and continued our journey. When we reached Aberdeen I was ready for a nice cold cherry Slurpee. I found a gastation/casino/convience store to stop at; we refueled our parched throats and continued on westward to Bowman. About a hundred miles later we reached Mobridge-Mobridge is located at the banks of the Missouri River just at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. We past a sign for Sitting Bull's grave site but did not stop due to it being several miles off the highway. We crossed the river and felt the elevation change as we ascended the banks of the Missouri River. About a hundred miles later we were in the town of Lemmon, South Dakota. A very cool tricertop sculpture caught our attention so we stopped. Unfortunately the Grand River Museum was closed! Bummer! I documented the cool sculptures and we chugged on to North Dakota. Now, this was the first time in ALL of my trips through South Dakota that I did not get stopped by the South Dakota Highway Patrol! What an accomplishment! 

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