Outlaw Run 2011: Day 3 pt. 1, Mankato,MN to SD

Sunny Sunday start.

Racing the storm.

Ortonville, MN

Wyatt and I spent the night in the lap of luxury at the Mankato Microtel-it did feel odd sleeping on a nice comfortable bed vice my REI self-inflating mattress! So, after loading our steads in the cool but sopping wet morning humidity we found the "Happy Chef" just north of Mankato. Our bellies were in fact happy after eating there! Okay, confession time. All I could about while in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, was "Little House on the Prairie" and "Fargo", however, I never saw Pa Engels or Marge-thank God! The highway took us north and west through the somewhat flat but green expansion of southwestern Minnesota. The day started out sunny and humid but started to change the closer we got to South Dakota. We saw the tell-tale signs of  a recent tornado in Echo, Minnesota; huge trees ripped out of the ground, pointing to the direction of the storm along with twisted metal from silos-very sobering! As we were approaching Ortonville, the heavens started to turn black and gray with anger; the winds grew strong and started to push us around on the beet red asphalt. The strong winds and impending storm made me grip the throttle harder and twist harder. Stray rain drops stung our faces but we kept riding harder and faster trying to outrun the liquid maelstrom! Thankfully we timed it right and found the ever present Cenex gas station in Ortonville! The angry skies opened up with rain, thunder and lightning-but we watched from inside the gas station!


  1. Dude, I want that big Happy Chef in my yard. Good stuff Chris.

  2. Dan-HAHA! Why didn't you say something sooner? LOL Yeah, it was pretty wild!