Outlaw Run 2011: Day 2

Our campsite.


Indiana Sunrise

We always get rained on in Illinois!

So, we stayed at the Jellystone Camp...arriving at the camp we were greeted by a teeny-bopper who may have been all of 15. She clearly did not know who we were (LOL) and she acted as though she had better things to do. Ms. 15 hopped in a golfcart and we followed her. The further we went the more semi-permanent trailers we saw. We also saw many trailers that were decorated like Christmas trees! After traveling for about three blocks Ms. 15 pointed out our spot and left us to set up for the night. We began to notice these roided out golfcarts replete with fancy colors, knobby off road type tires and lifted. These golfcarts were operated by more teeny-boppers who were chasing each other as though they were on the Autobahn. The dust they were kicking up added to our 'fun' factor-then 'adults' got into the act...as darkness settled in the Christmas lights, loud music and drunk campers combined to give the campground the effect of being with Capt. Willard on PBR Streetgang at the funky bizarro outpost on the river...we managed to sleep some and wasted no time rolling out, although we took the time to get a picture of Yogi on the way out. Next stop, Mankato, Minnesota!

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