Outlaw Run 2011: Day 2: IN,IL,IA,MN

Scenic Iowa

Mississippi River

Lock 12

Bellevue, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa

Muggy Minnesota!

Mankato Microtel-Good call Wyatt!
After a 'refreshing' nights sleep at the Jellystone Campground we rolled out onto the Lincoln Highway. Our goal for the day was Grand Prairie, Minnesota. We quickly left the Indiana countryside and hit the suburban, concrete jungle side and soon it just oozed into suburbia as we entered Illinois. Chicago Heights had that Third  World Urban feel that reminded me of Mogadishu. Thankfully it was still early in the morning and it was a Saturday. The Lincoln Highway became worse, you know, summer time equals construction time. By the time we hit Joliet, it was time for breakfast. I turned my brother onto Bob Evans-excellent coffee and chow! From Joliet we departed on US 52-this took us out into the flat cornscape of Illinois. Eventually we reached the Mississippi River and crossed over into Iowa. We caught US67/52 north along the mighty Mississippi. The road was nice and twisty; from time to time we would catch a glimpse of the River but for the most part we enjoyed the green countryside. AS the morning melted into the afternoon, it was quickly becoming Hot, Humid and Sticky! I dare say it was suffocating! Normally on the bike one is a little cooler but that was not the case today! It was down right oppressive! We made the best of it but it was starting to become apparent that we probably were not going to reach our goal, oh well! We left the River around Guttenberg at a North Westerly direction. The roads became increasingly bumpy-like a dirt washboard! We sucked it up and the roads in Southern Minnesota were just as bad! The day was fading into a hot, hazy, humid pink sunset when we stopped for diner in Albert Lea. By this time we were spent! We made the command decision to find a motel up in Mankato; despite what Wyatt may tell you, he is 'tech savy'...LOL Using his IPOD he found a Microtel in Mankato. We blasted north thru the wet muggy air and tied up for the night in good ol' Mankatoa! What a long-drawn-out day! Wyatt earned the MVP for the day!

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