Western Pennsylvania

Somerset, PA

A point of contention on this run as with most runs is having to travel the same road to 'get-out-here'...and part of the trick is to figure out a 'new' way to get out of Pennsylvania. Now, a couple of posts ago I mentioned that we ran the PA Turnpike to reach US30. I have slowly traveled a good portion of the Lincoln Highway and I really wanted to ride it from Columbia, PA to Chicago Heights, IL on '30 but I only have 11 days to travel so, I have to split the difference...
Most of my trips find me blasting west on the Turnpike until I hit I70 and then exiting at New Stanton. My bike and truck could both make the run without me because they have made it sooo many times. Part of what made this trip different was taking the Turnpike into Pittsburgh and then hitting '30 outside of town. The ride on the Turnpike can actually be very scenic until you get around Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Somerset is along the way and I knew of a good place to eat breakfast: The Summit. So, we stopped there to eat up and to catch our breaths. Somerset is just a stones throw away from where Flight 93 crashed-we have both visited the site and 2011 is the 10 year aninversery.
After eatting and fueling up we blasted down to Pittsburgh-I have never ridden through here so I did not know what to expect! Entering Pittsburgh was akin to being sucked into a concrete whirlpool. All the traffic seemed to be sucked into a tunnel and as you were spit out at the other end you faced another corridor of steel bridges and concrete barriers, all the while traffic is speeding past! At great personal risk (LOL) I took pictures of the bridges as we roared along. The yellow steel bridge/tunnel was chaos and at one point Wyatt was lost in the traffic. The signs were partialy hidden above in the structure. We managed to stay in the right lane and made it out of Pittsburgh alive! Soon, we were back on '30 west bound for West Virginia 

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