Outlaw Run Day 1

What the heck eh?

Minerva, Ohio

Checking for leak.

#10 is the IAC
I am back!
Not sure what the problem was but it was not a faulty IAC...
Okay, when I last posted about Outlaw Run 2011 it was still Day 1. Well, we continued through Ohio on US30 until early afternoon when I decided that it was time for a break. We ended up stopping in the town of Minerva for gas and a stretch. So, we fuel up like we normally do but when ole Wyatt hits the wick it sounds like he has the throttle cranked all-the-way-open-everybody is looking at him like he is a freak...poor guy! This is not a new problem but it does not always happen except when the two of us are on some epic roadtrip. So, we decide that the next chance we have we will have an 'authorized' Harley dealer have a look see. We mount up and continue down the line. As we head west some wildman on a silver colored 'wing trike is weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating and just not behaving like your 'typical' Goldwing operator...eventually we parted ways, thankfully! So, we figure out that there is a Harley dealer on the way in Upper Sandusky, Thiel's http://www.twheelshd.com/. After stopping for directions we find the dealer; we give them our sob story and a technician took time out to see if there was some leak-he finds no leaks...Wyatt buys some special HD octane elixir and dumps it in...(Now jump ahead to the HD dealer in Casper, Wyoming they determine that the problem is in fact the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve! Wyatt is told that he will be able to make it home no problemo...)
From Sandusky we continue our journey to Indiana...stay tuned! 


  1. glad your back- so, what did you do with all of those canadian coins you brought along? ha

  2. you think they would want Canadian $ now as it's worth more than ours. Welcome Back

  3. Dustin & Dan-Glad to be back! I didn't think Minerva, Ohio was all that close to our Canadian neighbors...LOL
    No way I wasn't going to take a picture of that craziness!