Day 1: West Virginia/Eastern Ohio

Restored cars along US 30-PA?

Sharing the road.

Crossing the Ohio River into Ohio from West Virginia.

Welcome to Ohio!

Mail Pouch in the distance.

After successfully navigating the concrete jungle of Pittsburgh we finally entered into the windy, green Western Pennsylvania countryside. In my mind the Lincoln Highway is the Mother Road of the 21st Century. There are a lot of gems along the Lincoln Highway that you will not see from the super-slab. Some of those examples are above in the pictures: restored cars and "Mail Pouch" barns. Granted there are sections of '30 where you can ride at super-slab speeds but overall you will find yourself enjoying the mellow pace of course allowing for that pokey 18-wheeler and slowing down before
entering a small town.West Virginia was a blip that consisted mainly of twisty roads and roadside bars. Once we crossed the Ohio River we chugging through the green rolling hills of Ohio, passing through small towns, old barns with "Mail Pouch" painted on the sides, handmade signs advertising yard sales, bbqs-the same things that you see in your town!

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