"T" For Texas pt.1

Late Fall of 2006 found me heading south to the Lonestar Rally in Galveston, Texas. This trip would really break me in on long distance trips. Before I would return home I would learn some of those "hard" lessons that I have not forgotten. But, before I get sidetracked here is the 1500 mile PA-TX route I took:
Day 1: PA-Chattanooga,TN, I81-I75
Day 2: TN-Lafayette,LA I75-I59-I12
Day 3:LA-Texas I12/I10
Returning went something like this:
Day 1: Texas-Meridian,MS
Day 2: MS-Bristol,TN
Day 3: TN-Home
So, Day 1 I left the house in the dark because it was Fall-I made it to Martinsburg,WV without hitting any deer! Always a bonus!
LESSON #1: Crackle Barrels don't open until 6AM.
I waited around for about 20 minutes before I learned this valuable lesson.
Once I was done I lit the wick quickly forgetting LESSON #2: Pace yourself on long-distance/high mileage days, that lead to LESSON #3: Know your machine's fuel capacity. So, I ran out of gas on I81 somewhere around Woodstock, VA. Thankfully a guy on his way to work took pity on me. That lead to LESSON #4: If you are low on fuel get it when you can!Now, the rest of my day was uneventful. I spent the night at a Best Western in Chattanooga.


  1. Great stuff Chris, I always look forward to stories of your adventures

  2. yeah me too - if you ever head to the lonestar rally again, id like to join you..ive been wanting to ride through texas.

  3. ^I'm jelous, I wanna go too.^

  4. Glad ya'll enjoy the stories!
    Lone Star, hmmm interesting idea...
    Ya'll can meet me in Plymouth, Indiana this summer and ride out to Montana.

  5. that's sum serious roadtrip man! good tales too.