"T" For Texas pt. 3

After a good nights sleep I grabbed some grub and rolled out onto the interstate. I am a self professed coffee addict; if I don't have one cup of strong joe in the a.m. I am down right miserable...So, I pulled off the superslab and rolled into a local gas station to get a nice strong cup of coffee. There were two clerks on one of which was a younger gal. I waited in line behind folks rushing off to work. When it was time for me to pay I asked if I could hang out inside to drink my coffee. Lots of times clerks will ask me questions about where I'm from and where I'm headed-this clerk was no different but she told me about Katrina. She recounted how when she returned to here home she came home to refrigerator full of spoiled food. As she was telling me about this I could see how heavy this weighed on her heart-her story was another reminder of how good me and my family have been blessed! And I dare say that if I had offered her a ride out of Louisiana on my bike she would have gone for it on the spot.
I finished off my coffee and hit the road running. The dreary gray Louisiana morning began to clear and the sun started to warm my back. Interstate 10 is like a 'well-maintained-Pennsylvania-highway' and I bounced my way past Louisiana State Police and crossed the line into Tejas!
I stopped at the Texas visitors center, above picture, and took some of the only pictures of the entire trip.
Lesson #5: Take a lot of pictures!
I secured my brain-bucket to my pack and with a ZZ Top song playing in my head, warm sun shinning on me and my freedom machine I blasted down the line to Galveston.
Part 4: Hard Lessons


  1. love the road stories iv - you have a good memory

  2. Dustin-Glad that you enjoy the stories! I try and write down the daily highlights at the end of the day.