"T" For Texas pt. 2

The next day Interstate 59 would take me due south through Alabama and Mississippi-I would connect with I12 after crossing into Louisiana and then Interstate 10. The northern section of Alabama was actually scenic with the Fall colors in effect. The further south I traveled the more tractor-trailers hauling mobile-homes I passed; I finally figured out that they were headed to folks in Louisiana that lost their homes in '05 to Hurricane Katrina-I sure have a lot to be thankful for! Alabama turned into Mississippi and the land started to become flatter. Lunch was at some local gas station/lunchette outside of Meridian,MS. I had some yard bird and deep fried potatoes-very tasty! I crossed the Chunky River. My belly was full and the sun was shining! By the time I got into Louisiana traffic started to pick up-Interstate 59 ended and I turned west onto Interstate 12 this kept north of New Orleans a town the locals in Slidell had warned me about! The sun was starting to sink into the horizon and level with my eyes! Now I had to contend with the blinding sun and rush hour traffic through Baton Rouge; I felt like I was in a boxing match between the traffic and the sun-hooking and jiving, giving no quarter! It was a real trip to see the bridge in front of me arch up into the air at what seemed like a 90 degree angle. Wow! I felt like I was riding my bike straight up into the air as I crossed the Mississippi River! What a trip! From that point on Interstate 10 crossed over a swamp! Now I'm trying not to look at the sun, pay attention to traffic but wanting to admire the scenery!
After awhile the interstate returned to terra firma. I was trying to get to a Red Roof Inn in Lafayette. Soon enough I found my exit as the sun slipped from view. I rolled into a semi-deserted area; a mix of fast food joints and abandoned buildings. It was beginning to have that third world war zone feeling that I experienced in Mogadishu...The Red Roof Inn was there but under heavy construction-the office was set up in a room-not a good sign. The clerk said that she didn't have a street level room-I rolled out...as I did I spotted a huge "Drury Inn" sign just a few blocks away. I went over to it and found a sweet high rise motel! I walked in to what felt like the Taj Mahal-Yes! One room please! After a hot shower and a call home I was out!
Part 3: Texas!

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