"T" For Texas or "Don't Wear A Mask"

Day 2
The next morning found me and my bike and the rest of Meridian intact-thankfully no tornado hit! I loaded the ole girl up and headed off onto the interstate. The storm that had been keeping me company was well rested and joined me as well. Riding in the rain is a lot of things; tiring, miserable, challenging, painful and depressing! I do not believe in windshields so my solution was to were a neoprene face mask-this kept my face from becoming hamburger as raindrops at 60+MPH will do.
Somewhere across the Mississippi/Alabama state line I decided I needed breakfast and fuel. I eased off I59 onto some unknown road and carefully navigated my way thru the stone/mud bog parking lot of a no-name restaurant. There was nothing fancy about this joint but it was like eating at home! After eating the best pancakes in the world I carefully made my way up and out of the mud pit across the road to a gas station. I gassed up and went inside to pay. The young clerk looked very nervous as I approached to pay. He almost looked as though he wanted to runaway. I pulled my money out and he appeared to relax. He very kindly informed me that he thought maybe I was going to rob him! What? Clerk:'Yeah you have that skull mask on...'
"Oh, that! Sorry!"
Lesson Learned: Do not wear face mask when entering a gas station.
The rest of the day was spent riding in the rain through Alabama and Tennessee. It was a grueling day but the rain did let up long enough for me to make up some time and miles. After darkness fell I finally entered onto I81 and found a motel to crash somewhere around the Tennessee/Virginia state line.
I was spent!
One more day to go...

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