"T" For Texas: Final Installment

Day 3
Riding in the rain is a real drag!
So, waking up in the early morning to darkness, rain and cold is extra sweet! But hey, it beats being at work! Right?
Today was going to be my last day on the road, come Hell or high water-yes I would deal with high water!
Once I got my act together at the Tennessee/Virgina state line I roared north as fast as I could in the rainy morning darkness. Somewhere around Roanoke, I stopped for a righteous breakfast at the ole Crackle Barrel.
It dawned on me while I was eating that the more carbs I consume the warmer I would be-thank you Marine Corps training! I hit Interstate 81 with a renewed sense of urgency-I kept the hammer down until I caught up with the rain. When I caught up with it, it was torrential! Traffic was crawling and I could not see jack! Time to pull over, slam some coffee and wait for a break. I don't know how long I waited before heading back out but the rain was slacking pretty good when I did. So, I was able to make steady progress. Lunch was in Crawford, Virginia at a family style joint. More hot food for fuel! I have traveled up and down I81 to know that I was getting close to West Virginia. By the time I was reaching the Virginia/West Virginia state line, the sunshine was breaking through the storm clouds-thank God! I kept up the pace and actually kicked it up a notch since it was not raining anymore. The weather was looking good as I crossed through Maryland and Pennsylvania. Not too much longer! I continued on I81 until I got up to Harrisburg. Up in Harrisburg I started to see the rain clouds again-this time they were black and blue I a bruise! I swung into a gas station around Steelton, topped off the tank, made some adjustments to my gear and got onto I283 for the final stretch. Those mean clouds got even meaner as did the wind. It was getting warmer and the wind was blowing harder. It wasn't to long before I was enveloped by this mean storm and soon my face was being pelted by rain. I did not relent and by the time I was on the road to my house the storm was over-but there was flooding! I gingerly made my way to the middle of the road the water was up to my footpegs but I kept going! Alas I was pulling into my garage! Soaked, exhausted, exhilarated!
If you look at the picture, taken right after I got home, you clean see chrome just barely peeking out from the road grime.
What a trip!


  1. its like the rain was just determined to get you on that trip. love the road stories.

  2. Yeah, I was never alone! HAHA!
    THank you and everyone else who took the time to read the stories!