"T" For Texas: Cold Ride Day 1

In my last post I had made it down to Galveston with out any further problems. My wife and daughter flew down and we enjoyed Galveston and Houston. My trip home would be fraught with hard lessons.
Day 1
I made my way through downtown Houston in the pre-dawn hours. It was very humid. I got onto Interstate 10 just in time for rush hour traffic. Dawn merged into a gray morning; rain was threatening me but I pushed on. I stopped at a Crackle Barrel somewhere around Orange, Texas-not too far from Port Arthur-I think. Crackle Barrel is a safe bet if you have no other options. I enjoyed my favorite peach topped pancakes with whipped cream-pure comfort food! So, I left Texas and was greeted by liquid sunshine in Louisiana. Somewhere outside of Baton Rouge I dodged a hugh cargo strap and shortly afterwards the rain became a little more steady. The only time the rain stopped was while I waited for a crash to clear. The rain and I continued on into Northern Louisiana-I think I had my leather jacket on and chaps-no rain gear on. What I did not realize was that the leather was soaking up the rain. About an hour or so south of Meridian Mississippi I started to feel cold and stiff...then I started to shake...Dusk was starting to creep in and I knew I had to tie-up for the night. By the time I reached Meridian I could barely move...I managed to find a motel. Inside the lobby I was shaking uncontrollably due to being soaked and the AC.
Lesson Learned:If it is raining put your rain suit on before you are soaked! Duh!
I got set up in my room and hoofed it over to some all-you-can-eat southern food buffet joint for dinner. When I got back I threw everything in the dryer...turned the weather channel on only to learn that there was an ACTIVE TORNADO watch in effect for Meridian!
My fun meter was pegged!

Day 2: More Rain!


  1. Lovin your stories man, thanks for sharing them! Its like listening to my ol man talkin about all his rides he did in the 70s.

  2. Capt-Thank you for reading my stories and for the compliment!