Outlaw Run 2011

Packing list

My brother, Wyatt, is heading up a posse that is heading out for Cali-forn-ia. Brother Wyatt is a maineiac-dyed in the wool wildman who has ridden this wild country of ours and CAN hold his own!
Knowing that he is headed out has got me chomping at the bit for my yearly western run.
I'm planning on making "Outlaw Run 2011" with brother Wyatt. It looks as though we'll be following Custer's doomed trail from southwestern North Dakota over into Miles City Montana down the Tongue River to the outskirts of Greasy Grass. From there we'll ride into Wyoming via Sheridan County. Camp will be set up somewhere in Johnson County where the Bozeman Trail cuts through and where the Johnson County war was waged. I think we'll hold up in the land where the Wild Bunch hid out-Kaycee...of course this all could change...

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  1. hey chris - that ride sounds amazing, thats an outlaw run in the true sense of the word. ive got to get up there and ride that country one day. the lord willing ill be riding up to McClure, VA around the end of may - are you anywhere close to that