Taco Johns

Taco Johns, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
Eating there for lunch after checking out Wounded Knee. That was an interesting experience, why you may ask? I will tell you why!
A good brother of mine taught me a rule about eating on the road. The rule is simple:"Do not eat at an establishment that you can eat at when you are at home when you are on the road." In other words eat somewhere different. So, I follow that rule!Enter Taco Johns. I figured that it would be a good place to eat because we were in the middle of nowhere. Simple enough. As we rolled into the parking lot off of US18 I noticed that Pine Ridge hasn't gone unscathed by the poverty associated with the reservation. It did not take long for me to notice people looking at us. We went inside and the what-are-you-doing-here-are-you-lost vibe continued.OKay, we ordered our lunch having no idea what the food would taste like and acting like we eat here all the time. The food wasn't bad and we were left alone. I will say this about Taco Johns: it taste very good but you pay later...
After we were done eating, we lit the wick and started to leave town. Maybe a mile out of town we roll up on an accident that must have had just happened-traffic was stopped a wrecked truck was off to the side and a police officer was directing traffic. No worries right? Well, the police officer walks up to me and tells me that he needs my bike! What? Why? He breaks into a big grin, "Just joking!"
We continue on blasting thru the plains all the while noticing that black and blue clouds are starting to gather. Somewhere down the line maybe by Hot Springs or Pringle, the storm opens up with fury! At first we are okay its rain it hurts but we'll make it...then the hail starts! Rain feels nice compared to hail! Thank God we spot a little awning off the road-we weren't the only ones and folks make some room for us and I put my rain suit on. Go figure! Like I said in my last post the weather in the plains can change very quickly and can be very extreme! Notice in the Taco John's pictures the sunshine!

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