Breaker, Breaker

Truth be told I wanted to be a gear jockey when I was a kid. Back when "Convoy", "Smokey and the Bandit", and CB radios were the rage. When I was about six or seven my dad took me to a tractor-trailer convention and my little brain was on overload with chrome, Kenworths, Peterbilts, Freightliners and the star of the tv show, "BJ and the Bear".
I took note on my trips out west that the tractor-trailers are much longer. And like the coal trains hauling coal out of the Powder River Basin, the tractor-trailers are a constant theme with most of them hauling one of three things: oil, grain, or cattle.
I always make it a point to pass those rolling behemoths high and to the left...they don't like us being to close...and I'll give them a little nod as I roar past.
PS There is a show on the Speed channel called, "American Trucker". Check it out!


  1. So funny, I always thought (no Joke) as a kid I wanted to be a truck driver also.

  2. there definitely is a mystique to the lifestyle. i remember convoy...